Putting is the easiest way to lower scores, however what is the best way to do that? Being that putting is a game changer, wouldn’t you think knowing exactly what your putting path and stroke looks like would be the first place to start? Well, it should be, and I’ve found a product at the PGA show this year that is the answer and simply amazed me! 

The GloPro Firefly putting training aid is so cool I had to try it and let everyone else know what can help them truly improve their putting. The GloPro Firefly is a very easy and simple and effective way to practice putting indoors. It works with any putter, and you only only need a very small amount of space, about 3 feet for the included putting mat. 

Here are some details from the company on how the GloPro Firefly works… 

GloPro Firefly comprises of a laser light, a clamp, and a pad. Attach the clamp to the shaft of your putter, insert the laser into the clamp, with the laser light pointing down, and begin practicing your stroke over the GloPro pad. 

What makes GloPro Firefly unique compared to all other golf training aids? GloPro Firefly is the first ever portable stroke reader that provides immediate visual feedback. GloPro Firefly leaves a glowing trace of light, on the GloPro pad, for several seconds after the golfer completes their stroke. This allows the golfer to see, in real time, the results of their stroke. 

And here are the benefits of using the GloPro Firefly from the company… 

  • It allows you to see your clubs path, which will show you if you are making any mistakes in your stroke, such as pulling.  
  • Being able to see the results of your stroke, in real time, allows you to practice your muscle memory for consistency.  
  • Being able to see the results of your stroke and tempo, in real time, allows you to see any adjustments you may need to make to your stance.  
  • It allows you to see if your backswing is the same length as your follow through.  
  • Knowing your putting stroke type is crucial to success. GloPro Firefly is a great tool for club fitters and coaches to help their students and customers find a putter that fits their stroke type. Knowing your stroke type is essential for creating more consistency on the putting green. GloPro Firefly can help identify your putting stroke type. Whether that be a straight-back/straight-through putting stroke, a slight arc putting stroke or a strong arc putting stroke. 

I have been using the GloPro Firefly indoors for weeks now before and after playing golf. It shows you exactly what your putting stroke looks like. You can immediately with the green lines where your putter is going back and through. I have noticed using the GloPro Firefly that my stroke was going a bit outside on the backswing.  

Just like any training aid, you must use it regularly to get better. If you use the GloPro Firefly I am very confident you will see where your stroke needs help, and when it is improving. There is no guessing here, as it is as clear as possible what your putting stroke is doing. I have not seen anything else that lets you see your stroke in real time and exactly what your putting path looks like. In my opinion, if you want to improve your putting path and stroke, the GloPro Firefly is a great option! 

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