About Us

GloPro has been created to help people become better at golf. GloPro services people who are just beginning their golf journey, people that have been playing golf for a while, but want to improve their skill sets and for PGA Pros/coaches that want new and innovative ways to help teach their students and clients.
GloPro’s official launch was at the PGA Show in Orlando in January 2024. As vendors at the show, we brought our prototype and 36 GloPro Firefly’s to sell. The response was overwhelming. We got incredible feedback from visitors at the show, and we over sold out of our product. We sold GloPro Firefly’s to coaches that are going to use it to help coach their students, we sold them to people that own golf shops that will use it to help fit their clients to new putters, and we sold them to people that have been playing golf for some time but wanted the GloPro Firefly to help them train and practice their putting stroke.
The GloPro Firefly has been in development for over a year. My business partner works in a heart research lab. That’s where he came across the technology that we now use for the GloPro Firefly. After much research and development, we now have what you see before you today.
Our mission as a company is to help people become better at the sport that they love. We know that when our product makes people better, it creates better moments for them in their game and in life. It encourages them to keep going, especially when they can see the progress. As an entrepreneur, inventing a tool, such as the GloPro Firefly, and seeing it make a positive difference for people, is incredibly rewarding.

About The Founder:
Anthony Metzger, 35 years old, has always loved to get out on the golf course and play a round with his brothers and dad. While one day practicing his stroke in the tall dewy grass, he noticed that it left an imprint of his stroke path in the grass. He was surprised to learn that his stroke was not as accurate as he believed it was. The fact that the tall dewy grass was giving him instant feedback, proved to be extremely helpful in allowing him to see what he was doing wrong. This was the spark for the idea of the GloPro Firefly.