Our product, the GloPro Firefly, is a golf training aid, designed specifically to help golfers improve their putting. What makes the GloPro Firefly unique compared to all other golf training aids is that it’s the first ever portable stroke reader that gives you immediate visual feedback on your stroke. It does this by leaving a glowing trace of light, on the GloPro Pad, for several seconds after the golfer completes their stroke. This allows the golfer to see in real time the results of their stroke. There is nothing else like it!

Here is how the GloPro Firefly can help:

  • It allows you to see your clubs path, in real time, which will show you if you are making any mistakes in your stroke, such as pushing or pulling.
  • Being able to see the results of your stroke, in real time, allows you to practice your muscle memory for consistency.
  • Being able to see the results of your stroke and tempo, in real time, allows you to see any adjustments you may need to make to your stance and grip.
  • It allows you to see if your backswing is the same length as your follow through.
  • Knowing your putting stroke type is crucial to success. GloPro Firefly is a great tool for club fitters and coaches to help their students and customers find a putter that fits their stroke type. Knowing your stroke type is essential for creating more consistency on the putting green. GloPro Firefly can help identify your putting stroke type. Whether that be a straight-back/straight-through putting stroke, a slight arc putting stroke or a strong arc putting stroke.